New Cover – Beryllium Chalice

Final Beryllium Chalice


Greek, Greek and more Greek! If you like to see the Gods strutting their funky stuff on Mount Olympus, then look no further than The Beryllium Chalice! And the good news is there’s a new cover scheduled for release on Oct 10!!! Mark it in your diaries – and stay tuned for teasers and promotional giveaways in the days to come…


My characters are dying to meet you – literally!

If your heart is romantic – you’ll be inspired by my outlawed lovers, Kytos and Flora who must fight legions of monsters before they discover their love.

If your heart is saucy, then you will adore Redwood, my horny little satyr who has naughtiness on the brain (PG).

But beware Maljandra, my misogynistic mage! He will skin you alive to pay a debt of hatred to his mother as soon as look at you.

All this and so much more it makes my heart dance  just thinking about it!

The new glorious cover for The Beryllium Chalice will be available October 10!

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Thank you for stopping by!

Cordially, Iris.


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Mission Accomplished – Alfie Dog Fiction # Sept AND #asmsg

I’m taking my first step from e-publishing into print. Its a teeny tiny baby step – but a step nonetheless. Alfie Dog Fiction are including one of my children’s stories in a collection aimed for the Christmas market.

Amusingly enough its called – Mission Accomplished!

It will be available both as an e-book and in paperback. I was super psyched when they asked me to be in it; at last I’m going to be able to put one of my stories on the bookshelf. How cool is that! Release dates etc. to follow.

Regards, Iris

Read It Again


Alfie Dog meets Kitty Kat. I am having a Casablanca moment with my publisher, Rosemary Kind of Alfie Dog Fiction. She accepted another of my shorts this week; ‘Mission Accomplished’ will be released for sale on November 4th. So, as Rick said to Louie in the 1942 classic film, I’m thinking: “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

There is something special about this relatively new publication. I have subbed to a lot of people. A LOT. A REALLY LOT. What strikes me as different here is the time Rosemary takes to see the potential in a piece.  In a notoriously busy industry, Rosemary seems to care enough to take that time.

Am I blowing up her bum a bit? Perhaps a little. But we writers are desperate for validation and acknowledgement, so when at last it comes, why not say a little thank you? I’m thankful. Thank you Alfie!

Thanks for reading. Iris.

Hot Off The Press

I am proud to say that my new stories have been posted by Alfie Dog and the links are as follows:

They are 39p each – so it’ll be a long stroll to millionaireville, but hey, it’s a start.

Beautiful fall morning today, just saying.

Exciting News – Wet Socks Party & Fake IDs both sold the same day

Alfie Dog bought The Wet Socks Party and Fake IDs – both to be released soon.  I’m so excited, I’m doing airplanes all over the house.

I need to read and sign the contract but my hands are shaky and my belly’s full of butterflies.

I”d like to hug all my friends who’ve been supporting me over the last few days. This feels so great and I can’t wait to see you running airplanes of your own.

Now, if I could just get someone to buy my novel, novella and short story collection…