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Iris Woodbury

Iris Woodbury writes fantasy and children’s literature. It all started when, for her sister’s sanity, she was asked to calm down two naughty nieces who were fighting in the back of the car, Iris created a story: ‘Pixies in the Hedgerow.’ She told them about the tiny people who lived beneath the hedges, and how they had great adventures, and would do anything to keep their world secret from the Big Folk. From Bexley to Hastings, the two children were glued to the window, watching for the tiny pixies Iris promised were hiding in the shrubs. After that the two girls couldn’t get enough of their mad aunt’s stories, and Iris has been making up tales ever since. Her preferred genres are fantasy and children’s literature, though Iris has a special place in her heart for short stories.  She has four stories available for download with which is one of the biggest short story download sites in the world.

She also writes pretty much anything that comes into her head on her blog,

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Fake IDs – Iris Woodbury – 900 words (Children 7 – 10)

Three adolescent insects try to sneak into the Maple Root nightclub using fake-IDS.

Fake IDs

The Maple Root was the hottest nightclub of the underground.  All the best groups were there, The Beetles, The Locusts, even the Swarming Bees.  Two monster stag beetles stood guard at the entrance and checked all the IDs as the excited kids lined up for a party.

There was no way other way into the club and the two beetles looked awfully fearsome. “I don’t know how we’re gonna get in,” said Humbert the ant.

Mission Accomplished – Iris Woodbury – 820 words (Children 7 – 10)

A young orphan decides to build a spaceship to visit God.

Mission Accomplished

Reverend Joseph O’Donnell dashed out into the playground, waving a single piece of paper in the air.

“It really won’t do, Ella.” The sweaty Vicar stuck a plump finger inside his collar and loosened it. “What on earth do you need this stuff for?”

I laughed. “Relax, sir. It’s all good. I need it all for a project.”

“You need four sheets of aluminum, fireworks, ten tubes of factor three-hundred sunscreen and a pizza?”

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This story is included in the collection Read It Again – you can find it HERE

final cover press

Six ‘5 star reviews’ on Amazon

20 stories to enrich the lives of children. This book contains stories for both younger and older children. Always have a story to read at bedtime, whatever their age.

This collection for children of all ages includes.

Stories include – The Colour Pixie – Tracey Glasspool, The Cheesy Feet’s Mission to Mars – Duncan Jones, The Colonel and Huffy Hedgehog – Christine Findlay, Monkey Business – Rosalind Winter, Monster Couch – Mary Raebel, Maggie Mulligan, Pirate Queen – Ann Burnett, The Crafty Fiddlers – Pam Ramage, Sugar on Snow – Ann Ingalls, He’s Weird – Annabel McKenzie, A Christmas Coat-Astrophe! – Joan Zambelli, Blue’s Christmas Eve Adventure – Maggie Jones, The Christmas Tree Fairy – Pat Boulton, The Whispering Pine Tree – Gerard Taylor Wallace, The Penguin Who Felt the Cold – Holly Stevens, The Boy Magician – A H Benjamin, The Mice, the Snow and the Magic Tree – Valerie Dawson-Miles, Mission Accomplished – Iris Woodbury, Carla, the Little Red Hen – Pat St Pierre, The Long Blue Hall – Teresa Howard, But Not My Gran – Greta Yorke

Rumplestiltskin’s Secret – Iris Woodbury – 8400 words (Fairytale)

In the midst of famine, a strange little man offers Queen Beitiris a magical choice. ‘Sacrifice your first born or your people will starve.’  Thinking she makes an empty bargain, the queen agrees to the stranger’s terms and prosperity is returned to her people. All her prayers are answered, including her wish for a child…

Rumplestiltskin’s Secret

Beitiris ached as the weight of the water-skin cut into her sun-burned neck.  She grasped the rough leather strap and swung the heavy bag from her shoulder.  “Might as well lighten the load with a little drink,” she thought. The cool water refreshed her parched lips, and she looked ahead to the horizon.  The sun was low in the sky, casting ominous shadows forward of the tall towers in her city. At a brisk pace she’d be within its walls in just a few hours.

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The Wet Socks Party – Iris Woodbury – 800 words (Children 5 – 10)

When bad weather delays the season opening day for a community pool, a group of disappointed insects devise a way to have an opening party of their own.

The Wet Socks Party

Two stag beetles stood guard at the entrance to the community water park. Every year, as the big folk paid their admission fee to get in, Albert and Sidney buffed up their thoraxes and opened the doors to their smaller friends.

The beetles stood proudly at the secret insect entrance made from a broken eggshell, and hidden just a few feet away from the big people gates. The admission price was one piece of corn.

Thrice Upon A Time – Fairytale Collection – 47000 words (Fairytale)

coverThrice Upon a Time is a collection of 18 modern fairy tales for adults. Some retell stories written long ago from a different perspective, while others are completely new. Read what happens when a late night walk leads to a game of poker with the farm animals and learn the Queen’s side of the story in what it is really like to live with Snow White. Who is the cobbler who turns up in the village? And exactly how many frogs does one princess have to kiss?

Stories included: Thrice Upon a Time – Sheila Crosby, The Rat – Margaret Pearce, The Big Card Game – Paul Peppers, Rumplestiltskin’s Secret – Iris Woodbury, Hell’s Fairy – Angela Pickering, The House that Jack Built – Rosemary Sturge, Gavin the Afternoon Angler – Christine Genovese, Fairy Tale – Henry Mitchell, The Queen Bites Back – Rosemary J. Kind, The Kiss – Regan W. H. Macaulay, Modern Times – Linda Lewis, Hansel and Gretel – Sarah England, The Flowers Know Who Love Them – Peter Pitt, Playback – Jacqui Pack, The Legacy – Denise Jay, Away With the Faeries – Fiona Law, Strange Eyes – Joel Kaye, The Good Fairy – Edward Ahern


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Mission Accomplished – Alfie Dog Fiction # Sept AND #asmsg

I’m taking my first step from e-publishing into print. Its a teeny tiny baby step – but a step nonetheless. Alfie Dog Fiction are including one of my children’s stories in a collection aimed for the Christmas market.

Amusingly enough its called – Mission Accomplished!

It will be available both as an e-book and in paperback. I was super psyched when they asked me to be in it; at last I’m going to be able to put one of my stories on the bookshelf. How cool is that! Release dates etc. to follow.

Regards, Iris

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