Why I Write? It’s All About Calvin. #amsg #musapublishing

I’ve read lots of articles on the theory of writing. You know, the hook, the ending, character development, show vs. tell etc. etc. bla bla bla. All good things and each one dismissed at your peril. But that’s not what I wanted to blog about today. Not the how, but the why.

I love writing. Especially the middle part because when I’m there I’m hunting for the end. Like many writers, I go in with a concept, but once the characters start living and breathing, the story can take twists and turns I never expected. And suddenly, there you are, half way through your latest work and you’re like shit, my endings not going to work!

Final Beryllium ChaliceSO WHAT DO YOU DO? I know some writers just write and write and write, feeling their way back to the path, and judging by countless books I’ve read, somehow they make it through. But you can feel this phase in their writing. No matter how great the overall story is; when you reach that point, wherever it is, you feel lost.

Perhaps I’ve got a mutant gene, I don’t know, but when I’m there I sort of slow down and listen to my characters. It’s around that time that my muse buddy, Calvin, generally shows up. He whispers something in my ear, breathing a special word that mysteriously pops into my head and suddenly POOF, everything is clear.

Perhaps you can relate. I guess its like the thrill of the chase, because when Calvin sprinkles his magic juju beans, it’s like the fire has returned; the one that sparked when the initial concept first arrived unannounced in my head. And that is why I write. Because when Calvin comes, and he’s as regular as clockwork, I know there is true magic in the world, and I get my writer’s high. I love it.

Thanks for reading, Iris.

Oh, PS. The Beryllium Chalice on sale. Click here for the shiny low price (limited time deal thingy.)



Alfie Dog meets Kitty Kat. I am having a Casablanca moment with my publisher, Rosemary Kind of Alfie Dog Fiction. She accepted another of my shorts this week; ‘Mission Accomplished’ will be released for sale on November 4th. So, as Rick said to Louie in the 1942 classic film, I’m thinking: “Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

There is something special about this relatively new publication. I have subbed to a lot of people. A LOT. A REALLY LOT. What strikes me as different here is the time Rosemary takes to see the potential in a piece.  In a notoriously busy industry, Rosemary seems to care enough to take that time.

Am I blowing up her bum a bit? Perhaps a little. But we writers are desperate for validation and acknowledgement, so when at last it comes, why not say a little thank you? I’m thankful. Thank you Alfie!

Thanks for reading. Iris.

I think we’re expecting great things from this new young writer.  Please visit her page and show your support.

(Mis)Adventures of a High School Novelist

Hey Guys! So yesterday I was laying in bed, supposedly doing my homework, and decided instead to check my email. (Because, I mean, who would rather do homework?) But anyway, I checked my email and a good friend of mine who works with me on editing my novels emailed me with instructions to call her. On the phone, she told me of a magazine for which she writes and said their fashion writer had recently moved. Consequently, they were in search of a new writer and I will (hopefully) be taking that position! In other words, I’m going to be PAID TO WRITE!! Exciting, huh? I nearly died.

This is such an amazing opportunity to write for a local magazine and get some experience plus a little extra money. God has blessed me so much and I can only thank him for all the amazing things going on in my…

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Hot Off The Press

I am proud to say that my new stories have been posted by Alfie Dog and the links are as follows:



They are 39p each – so it’ll be a long stroll to millionaireville, but hey, it’s a start.

Beautiful fall morning today, just saying.

Exciting News – Wet Socks Party & Fake IDs both sold the same day

Alfie Dog http://alfiedog.com/ bought The Wet Socks Party and Fake IDs – both to be released soon.  I’m so excited, I’m doing airplanes all over the house.

I need to read and sign the contract but my hands are shaky and my belly’s full of butterflies.

I”d like to hug all my friends who’ve been supporting me over the last few days. This feels so great and I can’t wait to see you running airplanes of your own.

Now, if I could just get someone to buy my novel, novella and short story collection…

Flora and Oceanus

Flora and Oceanus – I wrote a short story recently which met with rather shiny reviews on Absolute Write http://absolutewrite.com/. Many of our fellow writers say they loved the voice, and who am I to disagree?  Here I am on this perfect fall morning, and once again my mind turns to that piece and I’m wondering if I should make something more of it.  I read the Odyssey as a teenager and that sort of thing draws me like a siren. Let’s hope not fatally, the only rocks I want to die for are shiny and belong on my finger.


So, Word is open and I pray the Muses are smiling.  Wish me luck.


Other news – my Duotrope star chart suggests I should be hearing quite a lot of submission news this week.  I’m so glad I’m wearing my sparkly knickers.


Have a fun week all, and thanks for reading.


A little wave…

At last, a blog of my own!

Take a seat, get super comfy, and enjoy my nonsense. I have a library of shorts, some of which I’ll post here over time. For now, I’m just kicking back and checking out Wordpress, pressing all the buttons and trying not to explode. For now, thanks for stopping by.


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