Thrice Upon A Time – by Alfie Dog Fiction

Thrice PaperbackThe following is a press release by Alfie Dog Fiction:

Local author Iris Woodbury has had her story Rumplestiltskin’s Secret selected for inclusion in the fairytale collection ‘Thrice Upon A Time’ from publisher Alfie Dog Fiction. The collection brings together some of the best fairytales from 18 authors across the globe.

Iris. who lives in Parkton, MD says the beauty of Northern Baltimore County helped inspire her to write whimsical children’s stories. She has four stories available for download with which is one of the biggest short story download sites in the world.

With authors selected from America, Australia, France, The Canary Islands and the United Kingdom it truly is an international collection. ‘Thrice Upon A Time’ has some tales which retell stories written long ago, but from a different perspective, and others which are completely new. “Fairytales became popular again with the 200th anniversary of the brothers Grimm,” says Alfie Dog Fiction’s managing director, Rosemary Kind. “Our authors have set out to provide a continuation of this grand tradition.” The humor of the fairytales is aimed at adults and, as with the originals, the stories often have a moral to them.

Iris has been writing for about four years now.  “I was delighted when I got the nod from Alfie Dog. The original Rumpelstiltskin story was always a favorite of mine as a kid and it was fun giving it a 21st Century makeover.  Rosemary Kind is an avid supporter of new and established artists and it was an honor to be allowed to contribute to this truly wonderful collection.” Iris’s Greek fantasy novel, The Beryllium Chalice, published by Musa, is now also  available on Amazon.

Alfie Dog Fiction specializes in publishing short stories for download as well as in book form, and has over 1,500 stories on its website, in multiple formats to suit most readers.

The collection will be available as download and in paperback from 21st August with the download priced from just $2.99 and can be bought direct through or through Amazon and other leading online retailers and bookstores.



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