Like just about every other woman (and some men) on the planet, I have to watch my weight. Usually that means watching it go up. Every now and then that scale pointer tips a little too far to the right, so I put on my battle armor – and march into the kitchen, prepared to do something about it.

This morning I wasn’t in the mood to cook – so I thought I’d resort to the 21st Century breakfast staple, the protein shake. Everyone has their preference; mine is for the chocolate flavored HMR 120 shake, for no other reason than it tastes pretty good.

Here’s a free advertisement for you, HMR. Enjoy!

61nv3vsdG0L__SY355_Any road, what I wanted to share was a very simple trick that takes these, and possibly all other shakes from good, to bloody amazing. First time I messed with this, I substituted the recommended 6oz of water with chocolate almond milk. It increased the calorie intake, but for the yummy double chocolatey goodness that it created – I say EAT THOSE CALORIES. Anything that takes a drink off the healthy list and onto the HEALTHY AND MUST HAVE list is a winner in my book. Then this morning, and the reason behind this morning’s blog entry – was that I made a new substitution.

product_product-large_califia_farms_cafe_latte_with_almond_milk_320_jpgCome to Momma! Yes, it was THAT good. I don’t know if the brand made a difference, but iced coffee and protein shake… GET IN MAH BELLEH!

If you’re thinking I’m selling this stuff, I totally am not. There are plenty of charlatans out there who swear something is great when it’s just so-so or totally meh! But to my fellow sisters and brothers in arms who fight the same fight – to you I say – try it. If you love the taste of chocolate/ chocolate and coffee – you will love this. It’s probably just sitting in your pantry anyway, waiting to be combined. And it just might help you fight the fight!

Enjoy! Iris!


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