Murder to a Tea by Iris Woodbury – #ASMSG #Mystery

And now for something completely different:

Murder to a Tea

MURDER TO A TEA was released today on Amazon – here’s a bit about the book:

Crystal’s dream of owning a quaint little tea shop is squashed when her assistant is murdered and her partner accused of the crime. While the police build their case, Crystal remains convinced they’ve nabbed the wrong man. Her unshakable belief in his innocence sets her on a course to solve the case – and clear his name.

But there’s more than a business venture at stake. Someone is stalking her employees, and Crystal herself is assaulted outside her restaurant doors. It seems their chocolate-box town is not as idyllic as she’d imagined.

With his razor-sharp tongue, her partner was always something of an odd-ball, but there never seemed any real harm in him.  But as she digs up more dirt, she discovers he’s not as angelic as she thought.  He has a taste for fast women, seedy bars and even has a prior arrest record.  His secret life rocks her confidence, but she stands by him throughout, following the clues wherever they might take her.

Crystal’s enquiries bring her closer to the killer. But with every step towards the truth, she unwittingly draws attention to her own vulnerability. And though her high profile involvement might clear her partner’s name, she might pay for his freedom with her life.

Murder to  Tea is a mystery novel complete at 74,000-words.

I hope you readers enjoy it!

If you do, come tell me over a cuppa or better yet, post me a lovely review on Amazon!

Thanks as always, Iris


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