Rumplestiltskin’s Secret #AMSG Alfie Dog Fiction Only 49p!!

Rumplestiltskin’s Secret

In the midst of famine, a strange little man offers Queen Beitiris a magical choice. ‘Sacrifice your first born or your people will starve.’  Thinking she makes an empty bargain, the queen agrees to the stranger’s terms and prosperity is returned to her people. All her prayers are answered, including her wish for a child… –


Like many people, I enjoy an old favorite told in a new way.  Unlike the traditional tale illustrated above, my Rumplestiltskin tale depicts a powerful heroine, who’s as likely to beguile her enemies as be beguiled herself. So pop on over to Alfie Dog Fiction to check out this, along with my other children’s short stories. Click here to get to a great story, at a price both little and big pockets can afford.

Thanks and enjoy,










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