For My Brother, Tony – his last moments

My darling brother

My darling brother

I haven’t written here in a long while. Tragedy has stalked my family of late. A few months back I shared the passing of my mother, Joyce Molyneux. Now, sadly, at only 57, my brother Tony follows her into heaven. After three and a half years of fighting cancer, he finally succumbed to the terrible disease last week. Services are today, as I write in fact. Regrettably, I cannot return to England to be with him as the flames take him on his final journey. And as I can’t be with the ones I love, I would like to share the poem I wrote for his wife, Shirley, on the day of his passing.


The light fades to darkness, and the day ends.
Draw the curtains and close your eyes, for the time for sleep has come.
The night must have its hour; allow it to envelop you,
Let it take you where it will, for you must go there. You have no choice.

But as you sleep, dream of the sunshine, for that is where Tony lived,
He loved you in the one way he knew how,
Fully and completely, savoring each moment like a fine wine,
Withholding nothing; defending all, being true to himself, and those he cherished.

His life with yours entwined, and your love yielded rich fruit,
More love, more laughter, more life.
A fighter – who saw the darkness on the horizon, and yet held onto the day,
Gutsy to the end, never throwing in the towel – two fingers raised high to the fates.

Your nights feel empty now, your heart – a dull stone.
You would shut out the day time and sleep away your pain.
This will pass. Memories of lighter days will kiss the shadows,
He’s inside you now, his soul maybe sleeping, but he’s part of who you are.

Tonight your sorrow may cloak the joy you shared,
But nothing can take this from you.
For you were loved.
And you had light.


Its a special someone, who lives to love others.

Its a special someone, who lives to love others.

Iris Woodbury 7/9/13


6 comments on “For My Brother, Tony – his last moments

  1. Such a heartfelt and beautiful dedication to a much loved and adored Brother. So sorry for your losses, especially in such a short time period. My heart goes out to you during this time of grief. Way too young, gone too soon.


  2. I’ve not read blogs in weeks… you honor your brother and mother like you have no idea. You and a few other’s inspired me to write a blog post today…. I do truly lovers and adore you woman!

    I hope each day it’s getting a bit easier… don’t suffer alone. -snuggles you tight-



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