The following poem I wrote for the reading at my Mum’s funeral. This one is a little more light-hearted than the last, which would suit my family better I think.

My Mother is the beauty on the left. The lady on the right was my auntie Ivy. You are looking at two of the most amazing women that ever lived.


Hush now, for she is sleeping,

The angels came as we sat weeping.

Her jewel of life they stole away,

Another angel made that day,

Her spirit safely in their keeping,

So hush now, for Our Mum is sleeping.


From heaven’s heights she’ll watch us grow,

And from that lofty place will know,

That she did right, by everyone,

By children, grandchildren, daughter, son,

And as passing seasons soothe our woe,

The pain will ease, fond memories grow.


Remember her, just as you wish,

From milkshake, Chinese, some other dish,

That wondrous voice, her stubborn ways,

Her love, her hair, her eyes, her face,

Her triumph at a crossword’s end,

How she sometimes drove us round the bend.


The years will pass, as years will do,

And if her image fades for you,

Look at your hands, your face, your eyes,

You’ll find her there, in sweet disguise,

For no one dies, and this is true,

While part of them, remains in you.

Dedicated to my Mum, Joyce Molyneux. A total rock star.

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