Okay, I confess I didn’t send this one out to too many publishers. It made me laugh writing it, and it’s a whimsical barnyard take on Romeo and Juliet.  If you fancy a bit of a giggle, read on:


BAAAA!  All the rams were hot for Lemon, the prettiest ewe of the season.

Apple was the strongest young ram of the flock with a strong inclination to make Lemon his own.

BAAAA! He cried, as he ran about the enclosure, showing off his fine legs and curly horns.

Yet Lemon dreamed of something more. Something about Apple just didn’t give her that mint jelly and mutton feeling her mother told her to expect from love.  Instead she stood by the enclosure fence, and looked sadly to the horizon.  BAAAA!

One day, there was a change.  The enclosure next door was left fallow for a year, but Lemon had seen carpenters build a new stable.  Today, a truck arrived and a whole herd of llamas trotted off the ramp and into the field.

Strawberry was the youngest boy llama.  He had a long neck and a very creamy coat. HUMMM shrieked all the young girl llamas, as he strutted off the van, wiggling his bum.  BAAAA whispered Lemon, from her field, enraptured. One look at that long neck and she was smitten.

Over the next few weeks, Lemon and Strawberry grazed ever closer to the fence between them. At last their noses bumped as they chewed on the same blade of grass.  They looked into each other’s eyes.  BAAAA  Lemon blushed.  HUMMM  Strawberry winked.  Lemon skipped away, her young heart a-flutter.  Strawberry watched as the ewe of his dreams frolicked in the meadow.

The elders of both camps were affronted. BAAAA the elder rams screamed.  Such a love was forbidden – nothing good could come from it. Jilted, Apple was the loudest protestor  How could she do that to him! Wasn’t he the most handsome ram in the flock?

The elder Llamas were incensed Lemon was so brazen. They let out an unbelievable HUMMMM!!!  The lady llamas were incensed.  A ewe indeed. How silly!

Strawberry was a clever llama. With his long neck he could see further across the pastures than his shorter ewe-love.  Perhaps in another place they could be together without offending the warring flocks.  Within these fields he knew they could never be free.  One night, as they secretly chewed the same blade of grass he told Lemon of his plan. BAAAA! She cried, afraid to leave the flock she loved and the pasture she knew so well.  Strawberry was determined and whispered sweet HUMMMMs to her all night.  She loved him and had to agree.

They snuck out through a small gap in the fence, near a young maple tree. Ahead of them was uncertainty, but at least they would face it together. Lemon felt sad about leaving her flock but this felt right. This was the mint jelly and mutton her mother had told her about. There would be no more jeers, and no more rules about who to love. At last, they were free.


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