As some of you may know, a little of my heart died last Thursday with the passing of my Mother, Joyce Molyneux.  She was a formidable woman, born in Plumstead at the start of the war.  Later, fate took her into London’s East End, where she raised eight children, including me.

It’s impossible to fully honor a woman who touched the hearts of so many. I am not a poet, but I wrote something this morning which represents a small tribute to an exceptional woman.  Heathcliff called Kathy his heart’s darling.  At last, I know exactly what that means. God bless you, Mum.



You were perfect.  You were you.

Others saw imperfections, I saw uniqueness.

The gifts you were given you used to the full,

Your capacity for love, poured out into your children,

And passed in time from them to theirs.

You were fruitful. You were you.


You were unyielding, but you were designed to be strong.

When trouble hit, your fortress stood imposing,

No one was supposed to touch the ones you loved,

But as they fell, you stood tall for those who needed you.

Your heart beat in its keep, and though battle weary, beat strong to the end,

You faced the worst, and the world made you stronger.


Yours was a romantic soul. Who will forget your voice?

Not I. Even the neighbors strained to hear you,

Your song poured from your mouth to our hearts.

And romance, it eluded you, but you found it in literature,

And devoured page after page, till it filled you up,

Writers caressed you with words, and you were cured with their voices.


You were smart. So very smart.

So many crosswords, in a world of cross words;

You dazzled us with your knowledge.

Life is a puzzle you were anxious to solve, and I wonder, did you?

What were the answers you sought?  Could you find them on a page?

Still, whenever I sought answers I looked to you. Because I knew you were smart.


But at last, you were beaten.

Your strength failed but only to a power greater than yourself.

Your wisdom couldn’t outwit the last enemy,

That crept upon you in stealth, cloaked in an unexpected guise.

But though you are gone, know that you remain forever in our souls.

You are the very heart of our love. For you were perfect.


Dedicated to my Mother

Joyce Molyneux

August 22, 1935- October 11 2012


13 comments on “YOU WERE PERFECT

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    • Thank you, Psychic Witness, for your kind comments. I know she’d like it. She deserved a greater poet, but I know how much she loved me and her heart would burst with joy knowing I tried.


  2. Maybe another poet could have written something better. It wouldn’t have meant as much to your mother. Because it wouldn’t have come from you. What comes from your heart means far more than a fancy poem. What you wrote was good enough. 🙂


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